The company was established in 1993 starting its activity with 12 experienced colleagues of Hungarofruct and Albert Piltz Munich. After the joining of two new entrepreneurs we proceed on the former field under the name Apimex Budapest Kft. from the 1 st of May 2003 with the same conditions and colleagues. Due to the expanding sphere of activity the company - with some 20000 tonnes of annual sales - ranks among the biggest fruit-and vegetable export organizations in Hungary. The product range is wide including many - mainly fresh and deepfrozen - items of the Hungarian fruit - and vegetable sector. We deliver nearly 60 different products to our customers in more than 15 countries of Europe. We have close cooperation with our subsidiaries APIMEX Munich and Wels .

Our outlets are the wholesale-and retail markets, supermarket chains and food processing industries and we supply them directly or via importers. APIMEX Kft. is always present where the plantations are. We have been working with the same reliable suppliers for many decades. Our team inspects the orchards regularly, checks the sorting, packing and loading of goods. We expect our partners, suppliers, producers to respect quality assurance and meet specifications of foodstuffs safety and traceability. Main target of our policy is to be a supplier of our partners continuously with considerable quantity, stable, high quality and fair prices. Call us, we are always available.